Press Release April 2016

The Kirkland Lake Multicultural Group announces it’s incorporation which will enhance services to the people of Kirkland Lake and surrounding areas.

The Kirkland Lake Multicultural Group (KLMG) began in 2012 when a small group of newcomers came together to support each other in adjusting to life in Northern Ontario. Meeting an important need, the group has grown steadily and now consists of over 130 members. As Sandra Reygada Licuime, KLMH President explains it; “It all started in my house, which we have outgrown. We would have baby showers for each other, celebrate birthdays, we even had a wedding.” But there was a need for more. The group held social events and helped each other navigate the various government systems such as getting a license and figuring out the school system. Four years ago, with help from Chantal Bruneau from NDP MP Charlie Angus’ office, KLMG hosted a large Multicultural Food Festival for the community.

Now, with non-profit status, the KLMG is ready to expand and be able to serve more people within Kirkland Lake and the surrounding area. To create a welcoming community and to promote cross-cultural¬† understanding and acceptance. The vision for the future is to have a drop-in center. A casual place to find an empathetic ear and encouragement. A place to find information on housing, employment, groups, schooling, language translation, English conversation circle and children’s activities. the center would be open to the general public, to encourage integration between long time area residents and newcomers. Says Reygada Licuime, “We have found that many people chose to move here because of their spouse’s work, but they struggled to leave the house due to language and cultural barriers. We want to help.”

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